Thursday, August 23, 2007

# XXIII SUMMARY !!! I did it!

I am so glad I could have this opportunity to learn about the 23Things. I thought it might be too frustrating and time consuming but at the same time, I have always wanted to be able to learn how to do more things on the web and the computer. "If you don't have to use usually don't learn it," has been my experience.
I am grateful to everyone who has helped me, supported me and cheered me on. I am really glad to see everyone's blogs and to learn more about the people I work with. It is fun to see the avatars, pictures and blog layouts others have chosen use and their impressions and reactions to each of the things has been especially helpful and encouraging.
I want to continue to learn more "things" and revisit some of these. I like Flickr, Bloglines, the Meez avatars,, Youtube and
Thank you for this opportunity! I look forward to the next challenge.


I subscribed to Overdrive and looked at Project Gutenberg and Netlibrary too. I can't download them on my iPOD but I could listen/watch at home. I don't think I would because our computer is in the basement. If I had one near my sewing room I could listen to a book while I sewed...I am glad for the opportunity to learn though because I would be able to help a patron now.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

#XXI. Tools for Locating Podcasts

I used all 3 of the podcast directories. Yahoo was the successful one for me and very easy to use. I am sure the others are too. The other two didn't work due to the lack of hardware/software (?).
I picked an NPR radio program*, to go along with my "past to the future" theme on my blog.

I sort of had an idea of what a podcast is, but I am glad to have a simple definition readily available to read at the top of the home page to set me at ease.

While searching for a podcast I noticed quite a few educational/how to's which would be helpful at the library. We could also set up our own podcasts to demonstrate how to navigate through a patron's library account, request an ILL book, how to sign up for a computer, search the catalog, and more.


# XIX. Web 2.0 Award List

I am glad to see that I have used some of the sites on the Web 2.0 award list even before I started 23 things.,, Youtube.

Looksmart's Furl, your personal web file looks useful. Under the RSS list I found Zen Habits which seemed like it would be useful personally and professionally.

I agree with Michelle on One Sentence. Very poetic and thought provoking.

Pbwiki looked like it could be a possibility for the library for children or teens to use as a source for information and/or to become more involved at the library by adding content or comments.

I am glad to have the list and categories of the winners from so I can go back and check out some of the others in the future.

#XVIII. Web-based online productivity tools

I really like the ability to access the documents from anywhere. What a great idea. When I go visit family or travel on vacation I have access to everything I need wherever I am.
I created some documents in Zoho Writer. I modified a template (ID Card) and changed some of the settings for the appearance of the word processing site. I found it confusing to use. I could click to the templates and preview them but I didn't see how to get back to word processing again. I had a difficult time with the template. I couldn't change the size of it. I did download a photo from flickr and insert it in the ID Card. I wanted to put it in this post but wasn't able to figure it out. Too much time needed too.
I just happened to use on Sunday. I needed to type some information while in gmail and thought I would try doing there instead of going to Word. It seemed easy to use and easier to understand. I was able to email the info easily and quickly. I don't think it has all the options but I probably won't need them anyway.


I added my favorites to the sandbox, it was a little confusing but I was able to do it. I wanted to go back and edit the name of the page but I couldn't see a way to do that.

I had a lot of trouble adding my blog to the list of favorites. I had some extra characters that I didn't realize were there. Thanks to Peggy, my blog is now on the list.

Monday, August 20, 2007

# XVI. Learn about WIKIs

The only WIKI I knew of before this was wikipedia. On the negative side, I don't like the idea that people can contribute without being qualified. I didn't know until this "thing" that anyone can edit anyone's WIKI or write mean spirited or false statements.

On the positive side, people who aren't techies can create a website without too much training. The public can benefit from a Library WIKI or another organization that is monitored responsibly. I liked the SJCPL Subject guide. I learned some good information for genealogy research. I also liked the Library 2.0 in 15 min. There are more "things" to do and some good explanations/directions for how to learn about them. I also liked the Book Lovers WIKI. I saw some books there that I wasn't familiar with and I liked the reviews. I looked at Merlin and know I will be returning there for more investigation because I want to find more training and learn more about what other libraries in Maryland are doing and have to offer.